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Based on his response, is he still mad?

I was supposed to meet a guy and his guy friends at the club this past weekend with my group of female friends. We were messaging each other and I got there before he did, so I told him I'm going in and to look for me. 20 minutes later, he doesn't show so I go outside to get signal and he messages me telling me he's there. I end up seeing him come in with a girl, who I actually don't think is his girlfriend. So I was really shocked and in the club, he ends up dancing in a circle with his group of male and female friends. I decided to just ignore that he's there and didn't want to approach him. I leave the club an hour later, and when I get back to my place, his messages finally came through and he sent 5 texts asking where I was at different times. I ended up replying 2 hours later saying that I left early and I saw him but didn't want to approach him and his group of friends. He sees the message but didn't respond. The next day, I messaged him explaining that I didn't receive his messages and I'm sorry if he thought I blew him off. He saw that message too, but decided to respond around 6 hours later saying "okay, dw." Did he actually want to see me? Is he still mad?

2013-09-10 13:35:33

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