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I have been with my boyfriend since senior year if high school so its been 5 yrs of a off and on relationship but we never broke up for more than a month. Never had kids together or moved in together. I lovw ny boyfriend with ny whole heart and he loves me more than I love him. He will give me his last and has allways sticked by my side no matter if he caught me out with other guys or caught other guys coming to my house. I took this viy fir granted played with his heart, mind and emotions, in reality I dont deserve this boy but he tells me he loves me no matter what I did to him and he knows I can be a better girlfriend. He wants to plan a life together and so do I. But I was stupid and didnt realize what good of a guy I had. He never cheated on me through all my wrong doings. But I hurt him so badly that now he has turned into a angry depressed stressed person. I want to be fully comitted to his but I think its too late because now im pregnant from another guy how can I fix this?

2013-11-01 03:33:52

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