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Did I take too much cold medicine?

I got some cold medicine packets that dissolve in water, it has about 650mg acetaminophen in each server, which it says to wait at least 4 hours between each serving. I did just that, and was extremely tired and wasn't hungry. After about a day (about 4-5 packets with 4-8 hours in between each one), I started feeling fine again. I just took 400mg of NSAID for a headache I had. So far, I feel fine, considering I was sneezing and had a very sore throat before I took the medications, but I'm worried I've taken too much medication. Any ideas? Just to be clear I took about 2500mg of acetaminophen in a bit under 32 hours, and 400mg of NSAID right after (about 6 hours after the last dose of the other stuff). I drank plenty of water and ate some stuff after. I'm just worried I may have taken too much.

2013-12-21 15:41:39

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