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Will my femur fix after it broke due to a cyst in the neck of the hip?

Hi guys, I am 14 years old and a little concerned. Now about 2 years ago i broke my hip on an adventure holiday by simply running and tripping. It all came down to the fact i had an inert liquid cyst (or hole) in my hip (just under the ball joint). 2 Years have past now and my consultant is still giving me the nogo on any high impact sports. About 8 months ago i had an operation due to my right hip being broke on a growth plate as a consequence it was growing slower. I had my left lower femur growth plate operated on to slow it down so that my legs would even out. (my right leg was only 2 CM shorter). My consultant is saying he is worried about me dong high impact sport for a while due to the fact my hip may be crushed or it could crumble. I was just wondering if anyone has had the misfortune of having a similar experience and could tell me how long it took you to fully recover if at all. Please respond. Have a good night, Will Spence

2014-01-16 21:11:17

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