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My dog bites when disciplined, please help!?

I have a lab mix about a year and a half old and he s always a great dog. He is never aggressive except for when he gets in trouble. he always listens to me, but for some reason when he does something wrong and I yell at him, he runs under our bed and won t come out even if I tell him to. if I try to reach under the bed and grab his collar he tries to bite me and growls. this prevents me from being able to discipline him because I don t want to get bitten. because of this, he ends up doing the thing I was trying to discipline him on again and he never learns not to do it. please help, I can t find anything on the Internet for this specific issue where he bites when we discipline. I don t want to get rid of him because he s an awesome and loving dog but I can t have a dog that bites me.

2016-11-29 15:37:53

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