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My hair dye is still bleeding....Help?!!!?

Ok,I dyed my brown hair(I have one part bleached) with La Riche Directions in dark green color few weeks ago,and next day I saw that my jacket was freakin' green...And when I was straightening my hair my straightner was green.And when I style my hair my hands are green,too and when I brush hairspray out of my hair I see green flakes.I think I put to much hair dye and I tried yesterday to dye my hair again with dark blue bit with less dye and it was the same problem.I wash my hair with cold water,and I use conditioner,but I don't dry my hair on cold setting just because my blow dryer doesn't have that option,maybe that is a problem??I have scene fringe and I don't want to have blue forehead and blue cheeks and we don't need to mention blue clothes and my blue neck...Please ,help!! I don't know what to do!

2017-03-19 12:50:24

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