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Relationship obsessive compulsive disorder (ROCD) sufferers? Help!?

I am in a 7 month relationship and I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. He is understanding, patient, trusting, supportive, caring and loving. He worships the ground I walk on and would never go out of his way to hurt me. He is perfect in my eyes. However, I am suffering with obsessive thoughts such as "is he the one?" "am I happy with him?" "should I break up with him?" "do I love him?" .. I hate thinking these things, they hurt me so much and I would physically punch myself and hit myself when they creep into my mind. All I want is to be 100% happy with him like I was at the start of the relationship before this ROCD kicked in. It is absolute torture and there are no words to describe how bad it actually is.. Sometimes I feel there is no other way out of these thoughts, and this is where the suicidal thoughts come along. I don't want to leave him, but these thoughts make me feel like I have to. It is the best relationship I have been in and I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.. I want to make this work but I also can't deal with these thoughts anymore. I am going to the doctors next week about it. Are there any ROCD sufferers on here that got through these thoughts and learnt how to keep them at bay? Please please please help I am desperate.

2013-04-16 21:15:31

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