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Went on vacation, now just found out I'm preggers?!?

So, I'm from the US and took a 3 month hiatus to England. I got here in May and started a brief relationship with this great guy and we both "fancy" each other a ton but we're not in love... yet? But we're both not sure how a long distance relationship would work and didn't really further discuss this topic. I just took a pregnancy test the morning and it was positive - I took 5 to be sure and they were all positive. I mean I should be freaking out right? I am but not was much as I should be... is that weird? I'm 25 and he's 27 so we're both age ready and financially capable but not sure about it emotionally. We both talked about having kids (not necessarily with each other) in the much later future. And I guess, the more precedent problem is the legal stuff since he's a British citizen and I'm a American citizen. How would that work? Would I have to move to England? Because I due back to the US in late July. What to do?

2013-06-08 21:22:56

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