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Good basic weight routine?

I started exercising and losing weight (about 50 lbs in the last year), but have now hit a bit of a wall. I keep it very simple, jogging about 3-4 a week, and then doing the following rountine: Bench Press (10-8-6-4 Reps) Day 1 Shoulders (10-8-6-4 Reps) Day 2 Curls (4X 10) Day 2 Inclined Bench (10-8-6-4) Day 3 Squats (10-8-6-4) Day 4 After the 4 day rotation I start again, thus I get most of the workouts in twice a week. After each rep set, I increase weight by 10 lbs. Any basic exercises I should add? Specifically, I want to target my core/abs. Thanks.

2013-06-08 21:35:25

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