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My fiance broke up with me because of his adult son. What did I do wrong?

24 year old son came to stay because of trouble with the Law in another state. For 2 weeks we tried to help him find a job I even had a landscaping job for him and he said no I don't do that. Well several attempts for a job and a week later of laying on the couch ,facebook and texting and him saying facebook is life and for reals and him telling someone he was not interested in a JOb offer but all the time I treated him good and only asked him do to things that I would ask my own children to do , he didn't do them. Week 2 even worse earlier in the week I told my boyfriend look he has issues ,depressed , negative, and doesn't seem to want to work and only go drinking. He agreed and i told him either you or I will Blow (tension was growing)he agreed. For 2weeks I tried to talk with him about choices and good decision ( something his father should have done but didn't) I do care about him. We also asked him all the time to come with us out and he said NO not his thing he wanted only to go to the bar. ( We don't drink)and he had no money to go. His father decided to take him out the day before he was to go home ( He wanted to go home) with out asking me to go. I was mad I will be honest . When the came home I didn't want to bother with the son ( I had enough)but my boyfriend blew up at me because I want to sleep alone (i was upset) said I was rude to his son and was making him choose and I threw are relationship out the window and it was over along with a bunch of other hurtful things and left for work trip for a week. Son is gone and now he broke up with me .We had a good small family. Head spinning and heartbroken and fiance won't speak to me. What did I do wrong

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