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Does my ex girlfriend still have feelings for me?

Me and my ex girlfriend broke up 3 weeks ago and we were talking but I said some really dumb things when I got mad one night and she was angry with me a couple days later e invited me to come see her 5 hours away for a visit. I said ok and I'm about to go and see her in a few days. I last talked to her Friday and she was asking me how I would do things differently and made me promise thy I would treat her like I should have. I'm just confused I don't know if she just wants to see a change in me which I am trying very hard, she doesn't want to contact me and we only wants to see me in person to figure things out, she still has my house key and hasn't changed her mailing adress. Is she just tryin. To get me to change for the better to win her back? Or does we not have feeling for me?

2013-06-25 23:47:46

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