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Weird dream last night? Explanation?

I had a dream that I was walking down a street and I saw my boyfriend(who is Cambodian but was born and raised in America. He is still pretty dark for a person of Asian decent) but it was just from behind. I caught up with him but the closer I got it seemed like everything else around is disappeared. He still had no idea that I was behind him. I tugged on his sleeve and he turned around but it wasn't him. It was a black man (no racism intended. Considering the fact I'm white and my boyfriend is a different race its pretty obvious I'm not racist.). On this man his skin was very dark, even for someone who is black. All I seen was his eyes. He gave me a look like he was going to hurt me or kill me. Then I woke up. Also I'm not afraid of black men or any other men of another color. I get along with everyone and never judge someone based on skin color. Does anyone know what this dream couldve meant?

2013-06-25 23:46:12

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