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Need cell phone ideas?!?

My cell phone plan is up, so my family is going to get new ones. I want to go and play with them at the store, but my sister's going back to college so I'll have to have some ideas already. We have Sprint and I want to try to stick to something less than $200 if I can. Some features I'd like to have: touchscreen (at least partial), slide out keyboard (or if its just touch, then a good touchscreen), internet accessibility, music, able to get apps (I know most phones can now), gps, decent (at least) battery life, good/decent camera, not huge, relatively fast ^most of that is in the majority of smart phones now though Right now I have the Samsung Intercept and thought it was okay. I like the iPhone, but have an iPod so I want something different. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I love it, but it's really big), and thinking maybe an HTC or something. Does anyone know of any other phones I should look at? Thanks so much!!

2013-02-25 16:25:19

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