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can i eat any more food? on diet and want to lose weight 16?

hey guys i am 151 pounds 5'6 , female. i really need to lose 6 pounds and this is what i ate today: breakfast: small bowl of milk + 1 cup whole wheat cherrios lunch: 14 (140 calories) vegetable crackers + 2 tsp hummus + 1 lg banana dinner: 1 large handful of lettuce, 5-6 slices of green pepper, 5-6 slices of purple onion sprinkled with blackpepper and 3 tsp of hummus + 2 eggs fried (1 yolk) and 1 whole wheat pita. i know dinner was huge. -i finish eatting dinner at 7pm but do you think itd be safe to eat some more vegetable crackers with some hummus if i really desperatly need to lose weight? thanks for answering!! :)

2013-08-28 04:18:44

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