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I have a problem here..?

Hi, Im going to 8th grade and I have problems with my social life and friends. Whenever i go to a new grade , i always argue with my friends. Its just my personality where idk how to say stuff to one to another. I just dont have a year where i dont have to argue with my friends. A lot of people find me annoying and "girly". Well that's just me ! Some people tell me to be myself. I've always been myself but then they didnt like it. The friends i have, i dont even think they are my friends. I mean like seriously.. my friends leave me out all the time. I've been betrayed a lot anyways. They also just ganged up on me and started talking back at me. Teach me how to not be so annoying and "cause" problems please! Well i rather don't have any friends because i keep on losing focus in school.

2013-08-28 04:25:59

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