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Is my friend right? Is this balanced homecooked food?

My friend homecooks for her dog and says it is very healthy and balanced (i kibble feed) i think this is great! But she said her dog is breaking out in dark i wonder. She cooks a months worth at a time which is. 5 pounds of meat (beef or chicken) 1 pound livers,1 pound gizzards and hearts,9 eggs.7 pounds vegetables (broccoli,squash,green leafy vegetables,green beans,carrots,peas,cabbage) 1 pound lentil, 1 cup uncooked rice. And top each meal with flaxseed oil for omega 3. She cooks all that up. Freezes then serves 1 cup of food a day. She says i should consider switching (can't at the moment anyway) is this healthy and balanced?

2013-08-28 04:27:29

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