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Krav Maga or Jeet Kune Do first.?

I plan to take both of these eventually, My questions are which one is more practical for real world situations (I'm thinking Krav Maga though I'm not sure), and which one should i learn first. My fighting background includes learning Taekwondo when i was little (not worth much i know) and then learning street-fighting to deal with the numerous bullies in elementary and middle school. I have been in many fights, two of which lasted only 15 seconds or so because the teachers pulled us apart and the other 12 or so were all restroom ambushes (not fun) where there wasn't any teacher to pull us apart. out of all my fights i have lost only one, one of the guys downed me with a huge gut punch and i couldn't get up. i won all the others, if you consider downing the other guy and running out of there a 'win'. Also, I'm 17 years old, right at 6 feet tall and have a lanky but somewhat strong build. So, in summary, which should i take first and which ones the most practical?! Thanks

2012-10-16 01:56:52

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