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Fostering rats in Ohio? Please help!!?

So, my mum said I could get rats. I don't need advice on that sort of thing, I've had 14 rats before now. Anywhale, I was thinking maybe I could help out by fostering rats this time? I know loads about basically everything to do with rats as I've been studying them for 9 years. I've researched a little bit and I decided that's what I want to do. But Ohio is basically ghost town xD and I can't find any places that foster rats. It can be anywhere in the state, preferably near Cleveland but NOT in the dangerous areas of Cleveland..I don't want to get mugged on the way to my foster rats :c Any help you can give me would be great :) and no, I'm not giving out my location. I live in Ohio, not in Cleveland, and that's all you need to know :) thanks again!

2013-09-02 15:14:28

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