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Help with my bff. Is this right or wrong?

My best friend and I has already been friends for a year. Last year we were really close and always tells each other our problems and secrets. She's a really reliable, sweet and super smart girl. I really love her as a best friend. I always care for her and tried my best when she needs my help or comfort. But now she seems to be independent and already knows right and wrong I feel like she doesn't need me as a best friend anymore. Don't get me wrong I am happy that she is what she is now. But I really like it when I can help my best friend at all times it bothers me that I can't do anything helpful to her. Should I end our friendship?? and let her move on with her life let her be.. just because of this?? She also doesn't seem to have fun with me just like we used to be because she found a better funny friend. Is letting my best friend go ... for the better?? plsss I am confused

2013-09-02 15:16:55

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