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Im 20 and he is 26 we broke up but i want him back.?

He is 26 and im 20 we had great conversations and he made me laugh and smile made me feel so important. he was someone that i could share my life with. He said if he had money that he would marry me and he told me he loved me and then we had a heated argument and it all ended. I want my baby back idk what went wrong everything felt like it was good idk what do. He wont answer my calls nor texts and he wont answer the door when i go to see him. i dont know what to do. someone please help me. I want to do something that shows that im committed and ready to be with him and everything but how can i if he doesnt even pay attention to me or talks to me. Im madly in love with this guy and i dont know what to do

2013-09-02 15:32:30

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