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What do Germans, Dutch, Italians etc love most about Latin American women?

for example if you ask men in UK about Thailand and Phillipines are places for marrying women and there about Thailand or Phillipines they would say something like "wow beautiful women" or "go to marry a Filipino woman" and in some cases the wife wants their money.. (my friend has been to Russia and said that a lot of men there think this too) However I hear that men from Germany, France, Belgium etc go to not only Asia, but also Carribean/South America to marry their women and apparently happens a LOT. So are Latin American women popular in Europe (in the same way as they are popular in the USA) as some people make it seem, If this is the case, is Latin America particularly known for nice looking women in Europe like in the USA and what type of Latinas do they particularly it the model type like Shakira, tanned skin with the curvy bodies, a type of smile they give? Sorry for generalising and I know that everybody has different views, I have only been to Paris so I just like to hear other Europeans experiences as people keep saying "Americans and EUROPEANS" and at one time I came acrossed a French man who has been to countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador etc a lot to marry women and he says it happens a lot and I thought was strange because I have never heard people from my country or Russia go there to marry their women, so I would like to see what Europeans views on this as at least a lot of Brits have never heard of these countries. Just out of curiosity

2013-09-10 13:27:46

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