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writing a story for school, and if it is good it can get published,,but afraid that i cnt make it under 50pgs?

is it possible to turn a good plot in to a story that is around 50 pages? how do you do this?? my summary of my story is of a young african maerican boy whos mom sister and him moved to chicago to escape the abusive dad, He works at a local corner store to hopefully move his family to L.a to be far away from his dad,,because his dad cant leave outside of new york.. The boy has a close friend and him and his friends hang on the corners and sing doo waps,,and soul music as a hobby,,later in the story his close friend gets killed. Ron also has a girl that he takes interest in her name is janet, ron plays football and janet is a cheerleader.Ron's mother is disabled and can not work,,his sister is in elelmentary. I dont have a lot of info in this question,,but at the ending of the story both ron and janet go to the prom,,but when he returns he finds out that his dad found the house where they stay, Ron ends up killing the dad...know how can i put all these ideas in a story that is around 50 pages?? ill see if we can have more than 50 pages,,but until then how can i do this?

2013-09-15 20:08:39

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