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I thought I moved on, but no? how do I get over him?

it's been a year since we broke up and I thought that I had moved on. I thought that I liked my current boyfriend and that I was perfectly fine, but this year I went traveling for 2 months and after that ended I realized that I had totally forgotten about him and I didn't like him at all. Then, my ex-boyfriend of about a year and a half suddenly always called me over Skype, texted me, and then when we were both in the states we decided to meet up at Disneyland and all those feelings came back. we previously broke up because I moved to a different continent and the distance was a little too much and we didn't want to be in a relationship where we couldn't have physical contact and where we could only smile and giggle through webcam. Except now, I'm not sure. he told me that if I was still there we probably would've still been dating and then he was really..flirty? and sounded like those cheesy boyfriends in romance books. I know I shouldn't like him, but how can I get over him when he's doing such cute things?

2013-09-15 20:07:36

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