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**Advice about a friend Please?**?

One of my best friends went back to school where she dorms but she's pretty close to home and my college is 2 minutes away from hers, but I don't dorm. Lately she has been acting distant she made friends with her new roommate and 2 other girls. Whenever I ask about visiting or going to a frat party at her school I feel unwanted and she gives vague answers like I don't know mean while when she didn't have many friends there last year so my friend and I were invited all the time. She'll only ask to get food late at night. She's a year older than me. This might sound childish but she keeps uploading pictures and making statuses like "life doesn't get much better than this!! with the girls" "love her so much" "this is my wife so everyone knows" and she snap chats my friend which is sending pictures of her and the other girls out. She has been friends with them for like 2 weeks, and it seems really fake to me. Opinions?

2013-09-15 20:13:48

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