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My kitten attacked by a male cat. Now his leg is injured & he hasn't eat his food today.?

I Have four kittens(Had five one dead :'( ). Tow male and Two female. All age are nearly 6 months. Tomorrow night when i feeding my kittens. Male Cat attacks my one male kitten in-front of me. it happens so quickly. However, i saved my kitten. but my kitten get injured his right paw. its not bleeding but its get injured. the thing is last night he eat. but today whole day he eats nothing. he always sleeping. and whoever goes closer to him. he got angry. I would take him to vet. but i am living in a place where vets are totally dumb. they have only knowledge of cows and bullocks. so please help me out i am so worry about my kitten. I have already lost my one kitten. I don't wanna lose him. i love animals more than my life.i something happens to him i will go crazy :( . please please please help :( Their Mother Died :( . i am giving them Boiled Chicken Every-night. at the day give them Chapati with milk. Or Rice with Milk. sorry for bad spell.

2013-09-15 20:08:52

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