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Please helo, its been tearing me apart, relationship problems. I need good, experienced advice?

Well me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost two years and we were SO happy in the beginning. Around the end of last year we started fighting a lot. I moved and its just been really stressful on me, I mean we still see eachother but not near as much as were used to. But I was forced to move somewhere where I'm miserable and its been really hard on me and his lifes been changing to and just its pretty much tearing is apart. We broke up a couple weeks ago but got together after an hour but ever since we've been unhappy. For me its because all my trust and faith in the relationship went downhill after the break up and I've been on edge feeling like I'm going to lose him and for him he's unhappy because I've change but really, I need him to change with me because lately he's been heartless because he's been unhappy. We bboth want to work things out really badly but its just so hard we both have depression and anxiety so it makes us have to work 10x harder to make the othee happy lately also. It just seems impossible for us to be happy again but I know it can happen but right now it seems like it won't happen soon but it needs to otherwise I lose him.

2013-09-15 20:13:25

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