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[URGENT HELP] Should I lend Money To My Friend For His Hospital Bills?

Okay, I have a close friend who recently went to hospital. He wouldn't tell me what happened. Few of my friends told me he has gotten some sort of STD; while others told me he has gotten into some injury. Unfortunately, his family is poor and he is asking me for a favour - to pay all his hospital bills which is about $50K He knows I have at least $80K because of some small business I ran. And well, as a close friend, he knows about me and I know a lot about him. So now, his hospital bills is a hefty $50K! He asked me if I'm okay with helping him to pay his 50K debt and he will pay me back slowly in future. I have doubts in lending, because he has no education (no cert, .etc), isn't committed to having a full-time job, and at the age of 23 he's still asking his parents for money. Of course, his parents don't have money to pay his hospital bills and that is why he's asking from me. Should I or should I not? I mean, my money isn't easily earned. It is a year of hardwork in my business! Answers greatly appreciated.

2013-09-15 20:10:28

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