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Is she interested? and why does she use the word lol randomly?

I was talking to a girl that i recent got back in contact with and stuff has happened between us before and she's always on of with whether she is interested in me and the other day I asked he if she wanted to hang out and she's like I don't want it to get physical and I said why would it get physical it takes both of us to get physical and your not interested? and she said lol I may not be interested but if theres ____ I'll want it. I don't understand her she's not a **** or anything. Last time i checked chicks don't do anything with a guy unless they are interested in some way. And you wouldn't say anything if you didn't think it would happen. She has also just go out of a serious relationship so I don't know. She says lol in all of her replies or hahah at the start of a message even when it not something funny?

2013-09-25 15:24:22

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