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New driver with one year old daughter. Should I buy a used car or an SUV?

I am going to have a budget of about 5500. I am going to be a new driver and We live in Jacksonville FL.(Bad traffic!!) I will be taking driving school in a car, and I got my license in a car. Whenever I see a wreck lately it seems like the bigger vehicles always win. Even a Volvo car got destroyed by someone driving a ford explorer a few months ago. I'm debating between getting a used car or SUV. So far I have been looking at the 2003 honda accords (which I am reading about their transmission problems and that's a little scary) and Im looking at the 2004-5 kia sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs. I am in love with the kia sorentos(2005) and they are in my budget. I can't find too much about safety with them though, they have a rollover rating of 3 but I really want to know if it would be a good family car and if it is safe for my 1 year old daughter(I can't take any chances).it seems like the cars have the risk of getting hit by a bigger vehicle, and the SUVs have the risk of rollover. It's a trade off. The suv would also be a lot easier to fit all of our stuff in and get my daughter in/out and have her DVD players in. She also has motion sickness. I just really don't want to get a mini can because I would be afraid it would be too big for me to drive being new and I just really would rather have an suv or car if possible lol. If I could afford more than 5000 right now I would in a heartbeat but that's all I have. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!! :)

2013-09-25 15:34:45

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