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Tech support scam from IFIXO (

I just want to share an experience with all the readers and want to have some suggestions about necessary steps. Two to three days back when I and my wife were out at our work some guy had called from an unknown number in my home phone. My mom picked up. The guy introduced himself as a Microsoft Technical head and the call was about my home computer. He also introduced his company as IFIXO which he explained to be the Microsoft technical division. My mom got convinced when the guy took my home computer in his remote and he ran a Microsoft Tool which did show some viruses in my computer and my computer was running slow. More also he told that IFIXO is a Tech Support of Microsoft and the company is situates at Ridgewood, NJ. Their official website he showed as He told my mom that my computer had to be taken care of with an immidiate effect and they are authorized by Microsoft to do so. My mom was so convinced by the persons conversation and as the computer gives a play break to my 7 year old daughter which she wants her to remain always cheerful with various computer games. She just had asked me my credit card no over my cellphone and for which I don't even ask her because she is my mom and many times she does for any online purchase. Then after the IFIXO guy charged for $170 for a plan from my card. When I reached home and heared all, I got stunned to hear because few days a back my local technician had a system format in my computer and not only that I am having a new Avast Antivirus installed. So within these days how could my system got effected. I called my Technician and he told me that my system couldn't be so corrupted within these short span and I have been scammed. A day after I contacted Microsoft and got to know that these type of companies like IFIXO ( are making fool to us by taking the names of Microsoft. We should be prevented from getting scammed by not responding these calls. I also searched in Google about the details of IFIXO ( and found many scam reports of them. After that I filed a chargeback in my Bank. So I just want to know from any kind hearted what to do now, since they took my system in remote at their desk and where to lodge a complaint against them. Thanks in advance.

2013-09-25 15:36:12

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