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French help please? negative statements?

There are eight French statements listed below. Choose six and change the statements to the negative. These first five sentences all contain verbs. Remember that in order to make a French sentence negative we put “ne” in front of the verb and “pas” after it. “Ne” becomes “n” before a word beginning with a vowel. In the five sentences below, the verbs are all in *bold*. Je *suis* à la plage. Vous *êtes* en ville. Tu *es* à l'usine. C'*est* un livre. Ce *sont* des stylos. The next three are not sentences with verbs. Remember that “pas” can be used alone in short statements. mal. beaucoup. lundi. help? I'm a beginner student and I don't understand this at all :/

2013-09-25 15:43:19

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