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First Period Questions..girls and women only?

Hey so I'm a bit freaked out. I think my period started yesterday. I'm 14 (just turned 14) So I noticed blood - kind of like 3 little stains in my undies (gross I know,) And so I put in a pantiliner and I didn't need to change it for like 3 hours. It wasn't even soaked thru or anything. But today I have a LOT of blood omigosh. It's gross. Like I've gone through 4-5 pantiliners (soaked) so I put in an actual pad and I've only had it in for like 20 mins and it's wet. Ugh I'm embarrased asking this but is it normal? There's alot of blood & and I looked it up and supposedly I should only loose 30ml blood thru the whole period and it seems like I've exceeded that? Helpppp Thanks.. Oh and btw I looked at the other questions but nothing gives me an answer..

2013-10-09 02:42:22

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