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Does this guy like me? Help..?

We're in our 20s. I told him how I'd dated someone in high school who was blond. (My guy friend's blond-haired ) and he jokingly said, haha you should've gone out w/me! He drove me and him to a friend's party, drove me home, and hugged me as we said goodbye. His ex cheated on him and I just got out of a traumatizing break-up. We have fun talking and minutes go by like seconds... He also randomly texted me to say hi last night, and this morning. We're meeting up with friends together tomorrow. He's into Halloween costume stuff and said his favorite movie is Romeo and Juliet (Leo DiCaprio). Which is a bit odd for a guy right? We were alone talking in the car. Is this all in my mind, or does he like me?

2013-10-09 02:47:24

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