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The Big Bang, Happened Everywhere?

Everyone knows of the Big Bang Theory (not the TV show) but im getting abit confused if what scientists say they think happened, the first thing is that it was an explosion as in it had a centre point and expanded outwards, but then again they say "the big bang happened everywhere" and theres no centre point, can someone explain this part in a simple way?, just seems abit hard to imagine seeming the further away we look we see the universe as it was during its "birth" (light takes time to travel so we infact can look into the past such as the light from the sun left 8 mins ago so we see the sun as it was 8 mins ago... there fore seeming the universe is 14 ish billion years old if we look 14 billion light years away can we see the big bang) but doesnt that mean the universe is expanding, and that means there must of been a centre point from where its expanding away from? anyways, any simple explanation on the "big bang happened everywhere" thing?

2013-10-09 02:48:57

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