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Hey can someone please help me..... does he want me back?

So two years ago I was 19 and I met his guy and we only talked for 2 months it was short and fast but I really liked him. He dated another girl and stopped talking to me. Two years later I see him again at school. We are both 21 now. Well I was sitting on the bench with my friend near a dead end zone and I saw him come out of the building and look over at me. He walked past me twice which was weird because it was a dead end zone. The first time I just looked straight and my friend said she could see him looking at me out of the conner of his eye then the second time he had his cell phone up to his ear but wasn't talking on it. He walked by slow but then again he walks slow lol so what do you think? Do you think he misses me?

2013-10-09 02:55:51

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