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Will 5 htp help with my missed zoloft dose.....?

I take 100mg of Zoloft every night at midnight. I missed taking it all together last night. So, I have decided to skipped the dose and will just take it tonight. This has happened before and I always have a really rough time about 24 to 48 hours later....(from just one missed dose). I'm already worried about how I will feel tomorrow! So, I was wondering if I were to take a 5 HTP capsule over the next couple of days to alleviate the upcoming withdrawals. **Of course I know the dangers of taking 5 htp with Zoloft**. But, I would take the 5 htp during the daytime and of course my regular Zoloft dose at midnight. I just know my body and I always get the bad "zaps" and irritability from just one missed dose. So, I am hoping that the 5 htp will help with that in the interim. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks! :-)

2013-10-09 02:54:58

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