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i miss my ex, how do i prove to him ive changed?

well my ex broke up with me because he didnt trust me and he didnt like my lifestyle, but i had changed it all for him but he still wasnt happy with me, i really miss him and cant even sleep at night because i miss him, i just wish i could get him back and start again, what could i say to even convince him im worth his time?i met up with him a few days ago and he really upset me and threw his drink over me, i just cant seem to let go of him, i love him to much to stop fighting for him its really stressing me out, does anyone know what to do please, we did spend to much time together and he used to get annoyed of me, i used to use drugs and alcohol and have one night stands, but when i met him i stopped straight away because i felt happy and no longer needed to do it, but he kept thinking i hadnt stopped and he doesnt want me

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