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Rumour has it...Grim news for Essendon in coming weeks and months. Not good for Essendon. Q Inside....?

According to the rumour (and I repeat, this is a rumour) up to four coaches will be dismissed in the coming weeks but not, at this stage James Hird or Mark Thompson, and a staggering 38 players face suspension over the next few months. If more than, lets say....15 players are found guilty, how will Essendon field a team each week during the remaining games of the season? My understanding, is that each club must register the entire list to the AFL by Jan 1. Now, this is not including the reserves if Essendon are found guilty, how can Essendon's reserve side front up each week, if they are not registered to the senior side?

2013-03-07 08:06:11

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