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Was my weed laced? How to tell?

How do you tell if your weed was laced? Hat will having laced weed do? I went driving around with a friend, her cousin and her cousins boyfriend, and then they dropped us off at school after we smoked some weed. My mouth was super dry, and although everything and everyone else looked and sounded fine, i was moving in frames, everything pausing for a second before moving. The pausing was in sync with my heart beats. Even tiny subtle movements seemed to increase my high, and i floated in and out of reality. I was honestly scared. Im new to all this and ive obly done it 5 times and ive never experienced anything remotely close to this. I was completely drained and could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. I was also slow to respond to people. Coming back down i felt really detached, and on my high it felt as if i wasnt really in my body. Was it just really good weed or was it laced? Oh, and the day after doing it i could taste it and i kinda felt like i was reliving the high, moving in frames. I also really craved it.

2012-10-19 19:30:59

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