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RHH: If Eminem is a sell out, so is Nas?

Look I love Eminem and Nas, but to say Eminem is a sell out and Nas isn't, is ignorant. IMO, neither of them have sold out. IMO until they start rapping about money, and bragging about the hot girls they get, the nice things they have etc. They aren't sell outs I think Eminem has a lot of haters because 90% of his Stans are annoying AF. I get that, but hate thr fanbase not the artist. BQ: B/S: Eminem is a better MC now than ever This doesn't mean the quality of the music, and subject matter is better, because it isn't. But it seems like his wordplay & metaphors are better than ever. His lyricism is just as good as it used to be though.

2012-10-19 19:44:16

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