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Why after mature thought, in order to be compatible, have I decided to post wrought, verses collapsible? C/C?

Alone ye When I told you I 'm in love gazing at the stars, I received on top of head, a broken vase of flow'rs. Two hundred and another ten, running behind your farce; from thy boondocks to Phnom Penh, playing unstrung guitars! Thy turned down stupid thumb, adorned this section; expressing thine idiotic numb, mindless drunk objection. Alone ye followed a dance, as dogs around barked; unfocused by booze thy glance, and abstract mind cranked. You started thy Honda, wheeling it, wearing a knitted cardigan, Johnnie Walker was refueling it, to dawn in Kurdistan. © 2012 Georges

2012-10-19 19:45:45

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