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Chronic ovarian cysts. Recent rupture, fluid in abdomen normal after 3 months?

Well, I know this isn't a medical board and I am working with my female docter, but was hopeful to gain some insight from others in the medical field or woman having experience with this issue themselves. First I guess I should explain I am a 31 year old woman who has a history of developing ovarian cysts that are painful and rupture. I have taken oral contraceptives since the age of 16 as a birth control method, but everytime I have tried going off of them over the years I develop these cysts. I did concieve and have one child almost five years ago, but am not sure if my fertility is affected because we weren't really trying(so glad we did, but it wasn't planned.) Even when I was expecting though ultrasound of the baby revealed a softball size cyst had developed prior to concieving. I did not have good medical insurance until recently and so many of my previous visits with ovarian cysts causing pain and problems were to the E.R. and walk-in clinics, but I seem to always remember the cyst being on the left ovary. Now for my questions. Ulta sound found a ruptured cyst on the left side 3 months ago and I was put back on birth control( I keep trying to get off of them because I feel that can't be go to take them as long as I have.) Is it safe for all of my child bearing years to take it regularly-like 35 years straight? I'm still a little painful but a follow-up ultrasound showed fluid still in my abdomen. Should it still be present 3 months later? Is that fluid harmful? What options would remove it if necessary? Should I just remove my left ovary?

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