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Should I go to the hospital? (Depression/Suicide)?

I've been feeling suicidal on and off for a really long time, but now it seems like it is all I think about. Around 2 weeks ago, I almost did attempt suicide, but after an hour of nonstop crying, I finally decided not to. I have a lifelong chemical imbalance that I inherited from my mother. We both have bipolar. She doesn't seem happy with her life, and I'm afraid that I might not end up happy in the end either. That's the main thing that is driving me toward suicide. I have been bouncing around ideas in my head, and I've come thisclose to acting on them, but have always found the strength not to, but I feel like I'm about to break. Still, I don't want to go to the hospital unless it is absolutely necessary. Anyone know what to do??

2013-10-15 05:58:40

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