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Question for UK solicitors... Can a Subject Access Request be used to get a photocopy of my tenancy agreement?

My LL won't give me a photocopy (both sides) of the tenancy agreement, the council lost mine last year so i don't have one anymore. The LL said they don't have a scanner or photocopier so can't do it, I have already said i can scan it and print it using my scanner and printer but the LL still won't do it. Can i use a S.A.R to get a photocopy of it? Or what else can i do?? I need a copy of both sides to send to my insurance because i'm claiming for a damaged carpet so it can be replaced and they have asked for a copy of both sides of the TA to prove i am liable for damages to the carpets.

2013-10-15 06:00:46

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