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Got caught stealing from Walmart for Contact Case, im 19 what should i expect?

The item was three dollars worth, i just needed it for my eyes, but i thought maybe it would be best to get this item for "free" well, they took me in back, asked for info, didnt give them my social security number, but they have my address and name. What should i expect with the court day? Will i be fined 300? Should i have the money or something ready if i do get fined? Do i tell my parents? Im in school full time, and help out in community events and school functions, never will i do this again. Thinking if i should just do this and go to court and see what happens and pay it off and never speak of this again and not tell anyone, but i dont know if it would get really far for a 3 dollar item. What do i do?

2013-10-15 06:09:59

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