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Does he have feelings for me ? Good or bad ?

So this guy talks to me Every day he'll make conversation with me and I feel comfortable around him. Yes, I like him. Somehow I don't make it obvious .. Like I know how to control my blushing (most of the time) and my smiling . So he's starting to flirt with me now. One time he asked if he could use my laptop charger for school and I said yes and he's like " thanks cutie ." And he lets me touch his hair and won't let anyone else which I find odd. He even tells girls we're dating and they ask me and he looks at me smiling super big and I laugh shaking my head and he'll say " I just wanted to see what you would say." And there's this really pretty girl all the boys like and she asked him if he was going to homecoming with this other girl and he automatically says he's going with me. And at football games he asks me to sit with him in front of all his guy friends and his really pretty popular friends that are girls. He even hugged me for the first time the last game and he smiled so big(:

2013-10-15 06:14:53

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