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What do I say to him now?? I need help! I will answer yours:)?

Me and this go back months ago. We first met in feb! And it was all going well until he started acting all weird and distant. I found out Tuesday night hes been going out with someone 😥 it's long distance between us so we don't see each other at all. Anyway hes 22 years old and I'm 19. That Tuesday night I sent him a crying face I told him I had this horrible feeling you have a girlfriend is it true? He said hes had a really bad time with family etc. his mum and brother haven't been well and he was going out with someone whilst the family crisis was going on. She was like his best friend he thought but says hes not sure of her now. He said he finds it hard to express his emotions and it was hard to tell me to someone you've never met or know much about. I know everything about him! :( more than what he thinks. I told him I'm upset and he said why is that? And I said I thought you knew why.. Are you still with your girlfriend? And he said she's not my girlfriend and no why you ask? I said why do you think? He didn't reply but neither would I to a question like that. I need to know more questions because only he knows the answers then my mind will be at rest. How can I word that ??? What could I say?? Should I say can I talk to you? Thank you

2013-10-19 09:28:33

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