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Does she like me, can I get decent answers ! thank you?

Texting pretty constantly, I work with this girl. I asked her on a date. We went out to dinner then a movie at the end of the date I irritated how much fun I had with her, but I didn't kiss her(mistake?) Anyway, she texted me when she got home telling me how much fun she had and then we talked the rest of the night. After that we texted a few times and she didn't respond so I waited two days and told her that I liked her and that I was nervous so that might explain why I was acting a little weird. She said, "I don't think that at all"(as in she doesn't think I'm acting weird). However, she disregarded the fact that I like her because she didn't respond to it, which I found weird. Then I said sooo want to hangout this week and she just didn't respond. So does she like me or not? Her actions say one thing and her words and in person say another....

2013-10-19 09:31:11

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