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I accidently got methyl salicylate into my throat...HELP!?

Ok I'm not tryin to kill myself or anything but I can super paranoid!! If anybody knows what white flower oil is (it's like an oil for muscle pains etc) I was sniffing some of it because the minty scent usually helps clear up my snuffy nose and headaches But then I got some in my nose (what a fail...) and I sniffed too hard I got a little bit down my throat!! I feel fine, other than my throat feels a little bit minty and maybe just a little bitter taste... one of the ingredients is methyl salicylate which I know is potentially dangerous, am I gonna be okay!? It wasn't even 1ml, just a dab but I'm worried now...I didn't even ingest it, but I drank some water which might have washed it down : I want to swallow but I'm scared LOL

2013-10-19 09:28:45

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