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Life Or Death.. How do you know a boy likes you if you never met ?? I need answers!!!?

So i have been talking to this boy on kik for a while now ( almost a year) we live kinda close to each other but we never met. Neither of us have brong it up. I need to know what are some signs that i should look out for. We make each other laugh he gives me complements and i find my self thinking about him all day everyday praying that he was mine. I dont want to tell him i like him until i get a answer on some of the things he might do if he likes me. Im really scared of him turning me down. He is the first person i can truly say i love. Please help me someone this is life or death for me. I am open to any thing negative or positive i just need to know what to do. You can kik me if thats better @takaylab

2013-10-19 09:47:56

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